The Word Meraki is from Greek Language pronounced as “meh- rAH- kee” and the meaning of which is “doing something with soul, creativity and love, where you put a piece of yourself or “something of yourself” into that work”.
Living up to its name, there is a lot of hard work, love and soul put into getting the best fashion for everyone.

  Founded in 2014, the aim of our brand has always been to accessorize people with the latest trends in fashion at reasonable prices and yet not compromising when it comes to quality.

Based out in Mumbai, we are currently selling online to so many of happy customers every day.


There is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into creating what we do. A thorough study of the fashion trends is a must to keep ourselves updated with them. We continuously strive to  keep up with the latest trends across  the world, and make it available for customers in India.

In order to deliver the best possible fashion our team works upon a number of collections that further breakdown into various styles and shapes. These styles after much deliberation are evaluated and designs that best suit the market trends, fashion guidelines, customer experience and utility are shortlisted for being introduced in the market.

 With a wide range of handbags for women, our collection has a taste of men’s fashion as well because we understand that men not only love to dress well, but also love to take care of their belongings. We aim at accessorizing people with fashion that is multi-functional and at affordable prices.

 We not only want to provide customers with beautiful collections but also make them realize the importance of how an accessory can change their attire completely and bring out the most stylish version of themselves.