Many a times we take care of our handbags only from the outside. We keep them all shined up with wax ,cover them up with butter paper or cloth mesh bags but very often we forget to notice what’s happening inside the bag.

We all face situations when you open a bag and there is an unusual unwanted odour that instantly spoils your mood and makes you worried about your stuff inside.

It could smell of smoke, food, fungus, moisture ,makeup and much more.




So is there an easy way to get rid of these odors in an instant and also save this from happening in future?  Lets find out..

One of the easiest way of getting rid of any smell is to take out all your essentials and turn the lining of the bag inside out. Find a suitable dry surface and keep it under sunlight. Most of the smells will be gone once the bag is moisture free.

If you do not have access to sunlight then feel free to use your hair dryer intermittently and not at the same spot for a very long time.


There is this amazing product available in grocery stores and obviously on the internet. Its called the Frebreze Fabric Odour remover/ freshener. Spray some of it on a paper towel and wipe off the inside of the bag thoroughly. Do not wet the lining completely. Spray some of it on a fabric towel and keep it inside the bag for a few days and the smell would be gone to a great extent.




You can also use white vinegar in a similar way to remove the odors . Just try using the same method as above for cleaning but skip the part where you put a towel inside the bag for a few days.





Another way to get rid of some nasty odours is to use  the silica gel sachets. We usually get them with every  bag that we purchase but it doesn’t last for long.

They  are meant for absorbing all the unwanted moisture and odors from your handbag and also save them from fungus and peeling off eventually.



You can try using the local silica gel sachets or buy the Absorbia Sachet easily available online .


One can also use this simple method of cleaning off the inside with a mild damp cloth and keeping coffee beans inside for a few days. The bag would smell of fresh coffee for as long as the bean lasts.

Some dry fragrant flowers can be put in small mesh bag pouch and kept inside your so that your bag smells nice from the inside all the time.



These methods will remove the odour to a great extent however you will need to take care and take up at least one of these habits to ensure that the odour doesn’t come back one you start using your bag.

Hope this works out well for all those who reach this blog. Do let us know what you think about the ideas and in case you used them.


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