The 5 essential tips to consider when you are buying a handbag

A handbag is more than just an accessory, it is a statement! This is true both at 16 and 60. It is your daily companion and an investment. Buying your handbag is confusing and exciting at the same time. Handbags are the trendiest accessory in your look and making the right
choice is essential, especially when you are plunking down your hard earned money for it.

You can change your look from glam to casual with a single bag, while the wrong bag can also draw unnecessary attention away from your fabulous outfit. What do you really need in a handbag, since you carry it every day it has to be comfortable, versatile, match your style,
must endure stretching, stuffing, dropping, and all types of regular abuse.

Jokes aside, this task can get tough when you have numerous variety like totes, satchels, backpacks, duffles, box bags, daily pouches, clutches, cross body and many more to choose from. But rest your worries aside, we got you covered.

These tips can work as guidelines to help you choose the handbag which suits you the best, while avoiding common mistakes.                                                                                                                                                                                      

  1.  Think about your routine and the situations the bag might land up in.

    Before buying you need to ponder upon a few questions. What would a day be like in the life of your bag? Forced to the floor, or on seat  of the car? Placed on a hook in the bathroom or gripped tightly as you use the facilities? Thrown in a file drawer, or displayed on the desk for style statement. Considering these scenarios should help you narrow down on what you really want.

  2. Functionality

    What weight are you comfortable carrying? Consider the weight of the bag before you add your stuff in. You wouldn’t want to spend all your energy just in carrying that bag around.

  3. Have a look into the mirror

    Now that you have figured out the purpose, the other very crucial factor is what looks good on you. Do your handbags fit your size? Observe the body figure, this helps in choosing the shape and size of the bag. Think about how you prefer to carry yourself. Which bags, which colours would suit your style the best.

  4. Size and Scale

    Buying a bag that is in proportion to your figure can accentuate your assets. The wrong bag might just as well do the opposite. Round and slouchy bags suit the tall and thin. Whereas, if you are curvy, rectangular or sleek bags can be a good choice.Also consider the amount of stuff you need to carry. Too small a bag and there is no space. Too big and you would just add more stuff. Just right and you won’t appear too clumsy nor stuffy. Take these into consideration.

  5. Structure

    One of the most important parameters when thinking of practical usage is the structure. You wouldn’t want a bag with insufficient compartments messing up all your stuff inside. Think of all the stuff that you carry, how you would arrange it inside and if needed how long would it take you to find something. This should help you figure out the best possible structure.

  6. Quality

    Quality is essential. What do you hold more often than your bag? Slightly higher cost for good quality and a few more years of usage is always a good bargain.Think of what level of quality you would need. If you are a rash user, this should be even more important. Again you could be someone who prefers getting a new one every few years, choose accordingly.Check the stitching, seams and buttons and material of the handle for quality

  7.  Know your Budget

    With everything said and done, the most critical thing is always the cost. Know your budget as you proceed to buy. Whatever the functionality, size, type, structure you might decide to go with, it’s a good idea to tally it with your budget to make the best
    choice.If you are going for premium stuff, it is a good idea to figure out cost per wear. It is basically working out the number of times you would use a bag until it lasts, now divide the cost of the bag with this number and you will get your cost per wear. This helps you make proper comparison especially when stuck between choices which are slightly expensive.

These tips should help you narrow down your choices very efficiently and reduce that initial
How has been your shopping experience? Which of these tips did you find the most useful?


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